Industrial Packing Tapes

Industrial Packing Tape: - These are transparent, brown and printed tapes. These are mainly used in industries, e-commerce warehouses, godowns for packing cartons. Printed tapes are used branding of the customers on their cartons. We can print upto 8 colors. They are used for showing exclusivity in the market. They are also used for indicating if the goods are tampered.
Special features of these tapes are :
• High tensile strength
• Excellent tackness
• Long shelf life
• Strong grip

Bundling Tapes

These are used for packing different packages together for promotional purpose. These are also widely acknowledged in few markets as offer tapes. Its major use is in FMCG industry for promoting their soaps by bundling soaps together. These tapes are printed to highlight their offers.

No Noise Tapes

Salient feature of this tape is that it does not require pressure to unwind. It unwinds smoothly when held from one end. These tapes are used in industries where the speed of packing is very fast.

Easy Tear Tapes

These tapes are for household use as normal Bopp tapes have very high tensile strength. More often bundling tapes have tearing properties as sometimes it is very difficult to separate to packages without using scissors. Easy tear tapes help to substitute scissors.

Stationary Tapes

These tapes are mainly used for stationary purpose. They are of different colors i.e. green, blue, black, red, orange purple etc. These can be manufactured in different widths as per customer’s requirement. Our Stationary tapes are very famous in market under brand name of “Aashok wonder”.

Jumbo Rolls

We can supply maximum 1650mm width Bopp jumbo rolls. Higher width jumbos are more suitable in market as while slitting we get more number of tapes in one batch. Our jumbo rolls have uniform coating and weight.