With a very strong background of packaging industry of his father “Shri Mangalchand Jhaveri”. In year 2000 “Shri Ashish Jhaveri” started off with a very small manufacturing facility in Daman. With his hard work and Dedication he slowly drived his company in becoming India’s one of the biggest Bopp Self Adhesive tape company having an installed capacity of 150Million Square meter per annum.

A Brief Description of Sarvodaya’s Growth History.

2000 Sarvodaya installed a small production facility in daman having an installed capacity of 12million square meter per annum.
2004 Sarvodaya upgraded their production facility to 30million square meter per annum.
2008 Sarvodaya installed a production facility for specialty tapes.
2010 Sarvodaya installed a 8 color printing facility for specialty tapes
2014 Sarvodaya bought a land in Vapi for new unit with a vision of upgrading his facility with new technology.
2015 Sarvodaya started his Vapi unit and bought a high speed production facility in Vapi having an installed capacity 120million per annum and reaching to his total capacity of 150million square meter per annum.
2016 Sarvodaya Shifted his daman unit to Vapi unit with a vision of having total facility under one roof to serve our customer with much better quality and service.